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Fennel — The Herbarius Notes

“Miss Fennel, Miss Fennel, why you look so lovely today, with that white skirt, soft emerald green blouse and that mushroom hat beautifully arranged with yellow umbels”, said Mr Bee, busy in his work. “Well a lady has to keep herself looking good you know, she should never allow herself to become shabby, even in […]

Fennel — The Herbarius Notes

Montgomery Bell Jr. Ranger Camp for Special Needs

Many thanks to Linda Hartmann for once again leading a successful Seed Starting Program, this time for Special Needs Children at Montgomery Bell State Park.

Gayle Mitchell and Linda Al-Sangar were on hand as assistants.

The children learned how seeds are started and had a great time starting their own using the ice cream cone method to take home with them.  Everyone got a chance to look at different seeds and a sprouted lima bean which was found to be not only “Eww”, but also “Yucky”.  What a great bunch of kids!

Rosemary Chamberlain followed up with a talk and demonstration on Bluebirds.

20150716_094627 Linda H Linda