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July Silver Spoon

July Winner…..Linda A. with Southern Sin-Berry Shortcake

A family favorite first made by my dear sister, this cake quickly became popular at family dinners, gatherings, cookouts, and other events.  My sister made it with a variety of different fruits, but strawberry was always the hands down winner in a taste contest.  Demands for the recipe were met with stubborn silence, but she did share it with a few family members.  We took this cake to church, to work, and to the homes of our friends.  It became apparent who had the recipe and who didn’t and discord (good-natured usually) followed.  Some of my co-workers begged for years for the recipe, but I only gave it to a few favored cooks.  I have made this cake for charity events, for funerals, and to take to firehouses, police departments, and city offices here in Dickson, but not for a long time…..because as you all may know – I DON’T COOK ANYMORE.  However, on July 10th 2018, I once again made this cake to serve to my fellow Gardening Partners.  I am sharing the recipe as the Silver Spoon winner and I hope everyone enjoyed the cake and uses the recipe…..just never ever ever tell my sister I gave it to you.           ~Linda A.

Southern Sin-Berry Shortcake

1 baked cake – angelfood works best, but white or yellow cake is good too.  If you are buying angelfood cake from the Kroger Deli, you will need two.

2 small boxes strawberry jello powder or 1 large box

1 regular can evaporated milk plus one small can evaporated milk (don’t use sweetened condensed)

2 regular boxes of sweetened sliced frozen strawberries or 1 large one or use your own berries (defrosted)

1 large Cool Whip or 2 regular size Cool Whip – you may need more or less depending on your serving dish

Choose a dish to serve the cake in – I use disposable cake pans with plastic lids, but it looks pretty in a trifle dish or large glass bowl.

In a large bowl, mix the condensed milk, jello powder, and strawberries together.

Break the cake into small chunks and layer half in the bottom of your serving dish.  Spoon half the strawberry mixture over it, then top with Cool Whip.  Put the second half of the cake pieces on top, then the rest of the strawberry mixture and top it with more Cool Whip.  Reserve a little bit of the Cool Whip to cover any spots where the red swirled up.   Cover and refrigerate.  This cake tastes better as the ingredients soak in and is usually better the second day.

You can use any fruit/jello combination and the sugar/fat content can be lowered by using Lite Cool Whip, sugar free jello, reduced sugar frozen strawberries, and low fat condensed milk.  Kroger in Bellevue (Hwy 70) sells an Angel Food Cake that is sugar free.  The low fat and low sugar versions taste about the same as the regular.

Hydrangea Workshop ~ July 2017

Hydrangea Workshop ~ July 2017

Presented to attendees by Joann Anderson

Members present: Joann Anderson, Judy Stewart, Bill Bowker, Virginia Fiumefreddo, Jan Williams, Susan Harbison, Linda Sullivan, Linda Al-Sangar

Thanks to everyone who brought cuttings to propagate and share – we had quite a few varieties.  It’s always fun to get a new plant from a fellow gardener.  We hope all the many cutting grow strong and tall with bountiful flowers.  Hydrangeas are among our most beautiful flowering shrubs.

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Montgomery Bell Jr. Ranger Camp for Special Needs

Many thanks to Linda Hartmann for once again leading a successful Seed Starting Program, this time for Special Needs Children at Montgomery Bell State Park.

Gayle Mitchell and Linda Al-Sangar were on hand as assistants.

The children learned how seeds are started and had a great time starting their own using the ice cream cone method to take home with them.  Everyone got a chance to look at different seeds and a sprouted lima bean which was found to be not only “Eww”, but also “Yucky”.  What a great bunch of kids!

Rosemary Chamberlain followed up with a talk and demonstration on Bluebirds.

20150716_094627 Linda H Linda