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2nd Annual Plant Swap

Sponsored by Gardening Partners of Dickson County

Lakeview Park

October 8, 2022 10 am to 2 pm

Everyone is invited to the plant swap – you do not have to be a member of Gardening Partners to participate. You don’t even have to live in Dickson County.

Please keep an eye on your children, many plants are toxic and may have sharp leaves or thorns.

There are restrooms available at the pavilion and plenty of free parking

Gardening Partners will provide light refreshments.

Bring plants seeds, bulbs, divisions, cuttings, etc. Any garden-related items that are in good condition. All plant material must be properly labeled. All items are to be swapped – no sales are allowed.

Do not bring any diseased or insect-infested plants – you will be asked to remove any such plants.

The pavilion has tables available, but you can also bring your own tables to set up. There is plenty of space under the pavilion, on the parking lot, or on the grassy area behind the pavilion.

Cuttings: wait until the morning of the swap and immediately put them in water or wrap them in moist paper towels. Cuttings should have at least two nodes and please mark which end is the stem end.

Bulbs: should be cleaned and stored in paper bags with a label and the number enclosed

Seeds: should be dried and stored in labeled envelopes.

Potted plants: should be healthy, well-rooted, and labeled.

Keep plants or items you have swapped for under or behind your table or take them to your vehicle. Parking is close by, and this will keep your swaps safe.

Pre-swaps: A pre-swap is a plant swap made online (Facebook) before the scheduled plant swap date that will be picked up at the swap. You can also post your plant list so that others can request a pre-swap. Pre-swaps are especially handy if you are looking for a particular plant. Please keep your pre-swaps away from your other plants and make sure they are clearly marked with the person’s name. It may be a good idea to arrange a deadline for pickups so that you can swap any plants that are not picked up.

If you have leftover plants, you can donate them to other swappers or Gardening Partners by leaving them on the donate table.

Bring your questions – Gardening Partners will be on hand to help if we can.

Open the camera on your smartphone and point it at the image below:

This QR code will take you to our Facebook page.

Or use this link:

The Facebook page for Gardening Partners Plant Swap will allow you to post questions, post the plants you have to trade, post your list of plants you are looking for, and get to know your fellow plant swappers!

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New Book Has 101 Great Ideas For Small Space Gardens

The Geriatric Gardener

If you’re a senior gardener who’s agonizing over whether to downsize or stay put, a new book has been published just for you. The title, The Urban Garden, is really somewhat misleading. You don’t have to live in the city to adapt the ideas to your garden. They’re just as applicable in the burbs or even the boondocks.

In my garden club presentations, I stress that small space gardens can bring out creativity you never knew you had. That’s because you spent so much time toiling in your big garden just to keep up with the maintenance that you had little time to just sit and enjoy it. Tending a small garden leaves you with plenty of time to think creatively.

Authors Kathy Jentz and Teri Speight mention that more time for creativity is one of the benefits of a small space garden but it’s also an underlying theme of…

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World Cleanup Day a success in Dickson, TN

Early in the morning on Saturday, September 17th, we took up trash grabbers, traffic vests, and garbage bags and cleaned up around Suzanne Drive and Alexander Drive. The weather was great, the snacks were tasty, and the company was the best. Gardening Partners and Tree Board Members volunteered in service to our community. Public Works was very helpful in loaning us the tools and for picking up the larger items along with our trash bags and recyclables.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and grabbed some trash!

July 2022 Meeting

Tuesday, July 12th at 6 pm.

Location: Tennessee College of Applied Technology 740 Hwy 46S (across from Lowe’s)

Monthly meeting of Gardening Partners begins with an add-a-dish meal, followed by a short business meeting and a guest lecture. All members and adult guests are encouraged to attend.

Guest speaker: Rosemary Chamberlain presenting ‘Gardening for Monarchs’. Rosemary is a long-time Gardening Partners member as well as a Retired RN, Certified Tennessee Naturalist for 8 years, Member of the Tennessee Naturalist Program, Board member Tennessee Bluebird Society, Member North American Bluebird Society and Member North American Butterfly Association
She and her husband put up 30 bluebird boxes out at Montgomery Bell State Park 8 years ago and monitor them during nesting season. There are 13 bluebird boxes and 3 Monarch Waystations on their property in Dickson.
She participates with Monarch Watch in butterfly counting, raising, and tagging monarchs for the last 6 years and has given several bluebird and monarch presentations to various garden and bird clubs and churches.

May Meeting *IMPORTANT* Change of location

We made it through the plant sale!  In the past, we have scheduled a picnic for the month after the sale and this year we are reviving that tradition. 

We will be at Lakeview Park in Dickson on Tuesday, May 10th at 6 pm. Bring your folding chairs or a blanket to enjoy some nice spring weather and the company of your fellow Gardening Partners. We can talk about our plans for future meetings and all the great gardening ideas we all have. 

GP will provide fried chicken and members are asked to bring a dish of their choice. Anything appropriate for a picnic gathering will be much appreciated, so break out those summer recipes!

All current and former members as well as adult guests and family members are welcome to attend. If you are not a member but would like to attend, please contact us at or 615-375-6675.


April Meeting

April Meeting – Tuesday, April 12th at 6 pm – Restoration Church 503 Henslee Drive.
Social from 6 to 6:30 with an add-a-dish meal, followed by a short business meeting.
7 pm – Guest speakers: Anthony and Chelsea Vargas will talk about the different bees we find in our gardens, and keeping honeybees and non-honey bees.
Adult guests are welcome to attend. 

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Gardening Partners March Meeting

March 26th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Monthly meeting to be held at Restoration Church 503 Henslee Dr, Dickson. Adult guests and prospective members are welcome.
Short business meeting and then we will cover the topics: Botanical Latin, Nursery Pots & Labels, and Tree Planting. A demonstration for Tree Planting will be held outdoors following the lectures.
Social hour to follow – members bringing food dishes should remember that we will eat at the end so choose dishes accordingly.

“How Nature Celebrates” Using Natural Decorations

presented by Bernie Harris

November 9, 2021

Gardening Partners Monthly meeting featuring a presentation on using natural decorations by Bernie Harris.
Add-a-dish meal begins at 6 pm, business meeting at 6:30 and presentation at 7 pm.
Meetings are free and open to adult guests and members.

Restoration Church 505 Henslee Drive