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February 2014 Speaker

Purple martin eggs and nest inside gourd

Purple martin eggs and nest inside gourd

Kevin Barker will be talking on all aspects of Purple Martins, from the natural history of the birds to how to raise the right kind of gourds and build a martin house. Link to the speaker page with more photos and information.

Rita Venable will be talking on butterflies in March, so the first quarter of 2014 will address bees, birds, and butterflies. We should be well pollinated by the time spring arrives!

The Wrens Have Moved

The wrens are so done with the fancy house. With the last brood fledged, they have now built in a plastic container that bungee cords came in. That’s what I get for leaving it laying open on a table on the carport. It is right beside the car and to get in the studio I have to walk so close that I could touch the nest.

I'm keeping my eye on you!

I’m keeping my eye on you!

The Wrens Have Babies

Carolina Wren, Thryothorus ludovicianus

Several years ago, I bought the fish from the clay artist who always had the booth behind me at the Pink Palace Craft Show in Memphis, thinking it would make a great home for art-minded wrens. I hung it by the front door and waited til spring. Then til the next spring. And so on, until this year. I was sitting on my porch spinning wool when I realized the wrens had moved in and were already raising a family. The camera was about ten feet from the nest for the pictures of the adults.