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By Beth Schreibman-Gehring, Chairman of Education for The Western Reserve Herb Society unit of The Herb Society of America My first memory of the bright calendula flower (Calendula officinalis) was the cheerful patch that my first riding teacher — a tiny, feisty Irish woman who was more fairy than folk — grew in her garden. Everything […]

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How to sow sweet pea seeds in the winter

How to sow sweet pea seeds in the winter

Sarah shows you how to sow sweet pea seeds in the winter for more productive plants in the summer months. Using her favourites ‘Prince Edward of York’ and ‘Matucana’, she shows you how she uses rootrainers for more successful growth.

For more info:   Please note the differences in climate and zones.

Add Lemongrass to Your Garden Plans

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By Peggy Riccio, member, Potomac Unit of the Herb Society of America

lemongrassSeptember.JPGLemon grass is probably one of the easiest, cheapest herbs you can grow. You can purchase short, unrooted culms (stalks) at the local Asian grocery stores and simply stick them in the soil in large containers or in the ground.

This year I bought three culms for less than a dollar in July. They were a foot tall with little to no roots. I planted the three in one large plastic container. I left them in full sun, on the deck, and ignored them. Here in Virginia we had an unusually wet summer, so they were watered. By September, the three plants had grown to 4 feet tall and the container was heavy.

I was growing mine for culinary purposes but lemongrass can be used as an ornamental for the summer garden. Its graceful slender foliage is a…

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Fall Trees & Shrubs ~ Sale ~ Limited Quantities

Fall is the best time to plant Trees & Shrubs.  For a short time, Gardening Partners will have limited quantities available of selected plants for sale.  Local pickup only.  Call 615 375 6675 to purchase and arrange pickup.

See photos & prices below:

Ginko Biloba – Maidenhair Tree ~ $15

Deciduous Tree

Full Sun

Hgt 50 to 80 ft Spread 30 to 40 ft

Bloom April – insignificant green flower.  Good fall leaf color

Water – medium. Low maint.  Street/lawn/shade tree.  Tolerates deer, clay soil, air pollution, heat, saline conditions, alkaline, acidic, and compacted soils.  No serious problems.  Slow growing.  Two-lobed, leather fan-shaped leaves with almost parallel veins – bright yellow in fall.  Male trees are desired as fruit has a foul odor.

White Mulberry   ~ $5.00

Morus alba

Deciduous (Introduced) Tree

Full Sun / Part Shade

Hgt. 30 to 50 ft. Spread 30 to 50 ft.

Bloom March to April. Yellowish-green. Showy Edible Fruit.  Attracts birds.

Medium water. Medium maint. Prune in late fall or winter. Shallow rooted. Tolerates head, drought, air pollution, wide range of soils including alkaline.

photo of potted white mulberry tree

White Mulberry


Purple Beautyberry ~ $5.00

Callicarpa dichotoma ‘Issai’     

Full Sun/Part Shade      Deciduous Shrub

Mature Hgt 2 to 4 ft and  Spread 3 to 5 ft

Bloom – June to August Showy pink flower. Showy purple fruit in clusters along the stem.  Attracts birds.

Medium water. Low maintenance. Works well as a hedge plant, in borders, and in bird gardens. Prune as needed in early spring.

No serious problems – may die back in harsh winters.  Click here to see an  example of mature plant.