Gardening Partners

of Dickson County

About Gardening Partners

PO Box 471 Dickson, TN  37056


Gardening Partners of Dickson County is a gardening group organized in 2003. Our mission as a nonprofit organization is to educate and inform while promoting gardening-related activities to benefit individuals and the Dickson community.

Membership & Certification Classes

Gardening Partners membership is open to all adults. Members are not required to live within Dickson County.

Annual dues are $15 and 40 hours of service. Members enjoy the monthly meetings, field trips, ongoing classes, and the opportunity to expand their gardening knowledge through work in the greenhouse and on community projects.

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month. Check the calendar as occasionally meetings are held at alternate sites/dates/times. After a potluck dinner and brief business meeting, we enjoy a presentation from a speaker on some aspect of gardening, an activity, or a demonstration. Occasionally the speaker is local, but many come from across the region.

Community Projects

Most community projects involve landscape design and planting of an area, such as the front gate and golf course entrance areas at Montgomery Bell State Park.

Each year, Gardening Partners works with the Dickson Tree Management & Beautification Board to prepare tree seedlings for the county’s 4th grade students.  Each student will receive a seedling to take home and plant.

Members are involved in all aspects of the projects, gaining hands-on gardening experience while enjoying the camaraderie of working with fellow gardeners to benefit the community.

Spring Plant Sale

Our spring plant sale is held each year as a fundraiser and as a method of providing gardening instruction and access to a variety of plants for the public. Plants available at the sale include a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, native plants, succulents,  flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Fall Plant Swap

A plant swap is held each fall around October for members and the public to trade plants of all kinds. A website post and a Facebook Group will announce the date and times for the swap, as well as allow swappers to communicate with each other prior to the swap.

The Greenhouse

Many plants available at the spring sale are propagated from seed, which involves preparing and sowing seed flats, bumping up to larger pots as the plants grow, labeling and learning about each plant.  Members also receive instruction and practical experience in the propagation of many different types of plants by root, leaf, and stem cuttings.

Social Media

Gardening Partners has an active Facebook page as well as Facebook Group page for users to post. Pinterest, and Instagram are also available.

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