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Elven Treats Christmas Party

Gardening Partners & Guests

Get ready for some holiday fun on Tuesday, December 13th at 6 pm when our Elven Treats Christmas Party kicks off. We will be in the meeting room at TCAT 740 Hwy 46S (across from Lowe’s).

Attendees are encouraged to bring small bites/cocktail-type elf-sized foods to be enjoyed as we socialize (meal themes are always optional – regular human-sized foods can also be cut up into bite-sized servings). A google search for recipes suitable for an elven banquet may turn up some interesting results. Any elves who make it to the party will be welcome, but reindeer will need to remain in the parking lot area.

Although there is no program or speaker, we will have Christmas trivia on screen and Bernie may have some entertainment up his sleeve, so don’t miss out. 

If you haven’t been to a meeting lately (or ever), this is the perfect occasion to stop by, greet old friends, and make some new ones so get your jingle bells on and come party with the fun garden people. 

Please remember your donations to the Help Center – they are a blessing to our community. 

Merry Christmas to all!

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