Gardening Partners

of Dickson County

October 2022 Meeting Minutes

Gardening Partners Meeting

Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Meeting time 6:00-8:00pm
Invocation and add a dish meal from 6-6:30 pm
Meeting called to order by Linda Al-Sanger@6:30pm
Business meeting from 6:30-6:45 pm
Minutes read by Shannon Beech
Treasurer’s Report: Bernie Harris
$20.00 annual fee & $125.00 for KY library donation
Fees for TCAT still due for September-December
Old & New Business:
Gro-Wild tour this Saturday,10/15/22~ Gardening Partners receive
a 10% discount on all purchases, starts at 9 am
Clean up, September 17, 2022, went well
Hydroponics tour, in McEwen, was awesome!
Bernie Harris will do an educational program for November
Let Linda know if you have seeds to donate for the White Bluff
Library project. Seeds needed.
Susan Harbison talking with YMCA about doing a project with
them. Bernie Harris is also reaching out to Headstart about a
project. Volunteers needed for both.
Stephanie Tidwell spoke on Observations From My Garden,
6:45-6:55 pm.

Guest speaker, Deborah Rosenthal, presented Restorations Gone
Wild. 7:00- 7:50pm.
Meeting adjourned @ 7:50pm

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