Gardening Partners

of Dickson County

October 2022 Meeting

This month our meeting will be held at TCAT (across from Lowe’s) on Tuesday, October 11th  beginning at 6 pm.  We start with an Add-a-Dish meal followed by a short business meeting and then a guest lecture.

Our meal theme is Something about Pumpkins…or maybe Squash? (we didn’t really nail that down at the board meeting)

Stephanie Tidwell will be sharing her thoughts in a short presentation: Observations from My Garden

Remember to bring your donations for the Help Center – this time of year is especially important – food resources are strained already and the holidays approach.

As always, adult guests are welcome to attend.

Our guest speaker is Deborah Rosenthal. This will be a great presentation that you won’t want to miss. Hope to see you all there!

Restorations Gone Wild!

How I Went from a Small Butterfly Garden
to 22 Acres of Restoration in Three Years

Deborah will talk about the four native plant restoration projects she has been involved with on her property in Dickson County. And, there’s a video! Deborah supplied a drone video of her first restoration that has recently become the most watched video on the chapter YouTube channel.

Deborah is a retired Appellate Court Attorney from Los Angeles.  She and her husband moved to White Bluff, Tennessee, in 2017 and quickly embraced the privilege of being land stewards. They started with 30 acres of mostly forest, and now manage 73 acres of forest, woodland and prairies.

Watch this short video clip for a drone view:

Drone video by Brent Wright (Nashville, TN) of Deborah Rosenthal’s new prairie installed with the help of Robert Hoffman and his colleagues at Roundstone Native Seed, LLC. This installation is almost one year old at the time of the video.

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