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August Silver Spoon

The August Silver Spoon Award goes to Jean H. Rogers for her winning recipe….


*Olive oil for onions and to marinate zucchini
*1/2 lb ground turkey
*zucchini 1-2 cut in half lengthwise
*1/2 bell pepper diced
*4 oz mushrooms (optional)
*1 medium onion diced
*1 clove garlic
*salt and black pepper to taste
*1 tablespoon enchilada or chilli spice
*8 oz fresh or canned tomatoes diced
Large sweet onion, carmelized
1 cup shredded cheese
*Heat oven to 400 F or turn on grill
*Scoop out inner pulp and seeds from zucchini
*marinate inside of zucchini with olive oil and bake in oven or on grill until fairly soft
*brown grounded meat in skillet with tablespoon of oil
*add onion and other ingredients until onions are translucent , 6-7 minutes
*spoon meat mixture into cooked boats, top with carmelized onions and cheese
*heat in oven until cheese melts
* can be reheated for left overs
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