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Wandering Off the Path ~ A Day in Western KY Botanical Garden

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Start here….finish there, don’t touch anything, and stay on the path ~ the rules we are used to. So imagine the spark of joy when I paid my $5 and started out to see some botanical sights, to hear the last thing the gatekeeper said, “You don’t have to stay on the path.” That first step off into the planting areas was a bit scary, I was waiting to hear the groundskeeper scold me.  I overheard a guide telling children that is was ok to touch. What? Actually touch the plants? Shocking! Even more shocking ~ there was no prescribed route. Go this way or go that way….you’ll end up somewhere. Western Kentucky Botanical Garden is a very pleasant place to wander about. A smallish garden overall, but well-tended and obviously loved. An easy drive into Kentucky and well worth the time. I’ll certainly be going back. ~Linda A.

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One thought on “Wandering Off the Path ~ A Day in Western KY Botanical Garden

  1. Beautiful gardens. Great pics! Thanks for sharing with us Linda.