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All of these great tomato plants will be available at our Annual Sale on April 22nd.


1.        Beefsteak or Red Ponderosa…80 days.  Popular, time-tested and reliable.  A favorite of veteran gardeners who love its flattened, mild fruits weighing up to 2 lbs.  Nearly seedless, solid and meaty.  Some-what ribbed.  Indeterminate.

2.        Better Boy Hybrid…75 days.  America’s most popular hybrid tomato for generations won a Guinness Award for producing 342 lbs. of fruit from only one plant!  Boasts a distinct, always pleasing taste and bountiful, midseason-until-frost production of sandwich-sized slices.  Fruits weigh about a lb and are juicy but firm.  Good protection against the scalding sun.  Excellent disease-resistance and high adaptability.  Indeterminate.

3.       Big Beef Hybrid…73 days.  The highest rated tomato overall with the best combination of old-fashioned tomato flavor, modern-day growth habit and cutting-edge disease resistance.  Has remained near the top in popularity since winning AAS honors in 1994.  Uniform, large, globe-shaped fruits average 10-12 ounces, with smooth texture and firm flesh.  Superb disease resistance and tidy growth habit.  Indeterminate.

4.       Black Krim…80 days.  An unusual Russian heirloom featuring beefsteak-sized fruits weighing 10-12 oz. with unique colors of violet, brown and purple-red that turn almost black with sun and heat.  Rich, sweet, even salty flavor.  Heavy producer.  Indeterminate.

5.       Box Car Willie…80 days.  Consider this favorite for main-cropping due to its outstanding quality and exceptional yields.  Meaty, 8-12 oz., crack-resistant, bright red fruits with rich, full-bodied flavor are perfect for slicing, salads, sauces, pastes, canning and freezing.  Vigorous vines require support.  Indeterminate.

6.       Bradley …(Amish Heirloom) 80 days.  Mild tasting, good for canning, freezing, and slicing. Indeterminate.

7.       Brandywine …(Amish Heirloom) 90 days.  This is the heirloom tomato standard.  The large beefsteak-shaped fruits grow on unusually upright, potato leaved plants.  Brandywine’s qualities really shine as it develops an incredible fine, sweet flavor.  Good for canning and slicing.

8.       Cherokee Purple…80 days.  A Tennessee heirloom from the Cherokees.  Dusky, rose-brown fruits weigh 12-16 oz. with brick red interiors.  Sweet, tangy flavor.  Indeterminate

9.       Chocolate Cherry…70 days.  Unusually colored, deep, wine-red fruits boast a complex flavor profile in 1-inch round cherries.  Indeterminate plant produces trusses of 8 fruits that don’t crack and can be harvested early and allowed to ripen inside without sacrificing quality.  Suitable for home gardeners and market growers.

10.   Comstock Sauce & Slice…80-85 days.  Beautiful, meaty, deep-red, roma shaped fruits weigh up to 1 lb. and have very few seeds.  A dual-purpose variety excellent for canning, pastes, sauces and fresh eating.  Indeterminate.

11.   Cuore de Toro (or Bull’s Heart)…89 days.  A gigantic Italian ox-heart-type heirloom with abundant, deep pinkish-red fruits, 2 lbs. or more.  Measures at least 4 inches in diameter and offers lots of appealing, sweet flavor.  Indeterminate.

12.   Delicious …(Amish Heirloom) 85 Days.  Above average yields of 1-2 lbs. scarlet red, meaty, beefsteak tomatoes with complex, rich old-fashioned tomato flavor.  Canning and Slicing.  Delicious it is!

13.   German Johnson Pink…80 days.  The most highly treasured heirloom pink with its mild tomato flavor and superior yields.   Vigorous vines with potato leaf foliage yield 12-24 oz., pink-skinned, meaty fruits.  Indeterminate.

14.   Giant Belgium…86 days.  Massive fruits average 2 lbs., but have been reported at nearly 5 lbs.-a serious contender for “world’s largest tomato!”  Intense sweet flavor.  Meaty, dark, reddish-pink fruits have smooth blossom ends.  Indeterminate.

15.   Goliath Original Hybrid…70 days.  For productivity, combined with great taste and disease resistance, the Goliath is one of the greatest home-garden varieties yet bred.  Indeterminate.

16.   Indian River …(Amish Heirloom) 85 days.  Canning and Slicing tomato.  Medium fruit to 6 oz. Indeterminate.

17.   Jelly-Bean Red Hybrid…72 days.  Disease resistant.  This variety is able to adapt to almost any adverse growing condition.  Hardy plants bear clusters of up to 30 fruits that are grape-shaped, thin-skinned, brightly colored and weigh a bit less than an ounce.  Crack-resistant.  Indeterminate

18.   Jetsetter Hybrid…64 days.  This tomato delivers “real tomato” flavor in large 8 oz. fruits that are smooth and juicy with consistently huge yields and good disease resistance.  Indeterminate.

19.   Marianna’s Peace…80 days.  Features unbeatable tomato flavor-a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.  Fruits are deep-pink, meaty and large, weighing 1 – 2 lbs.  Vines with potato-leafed foliage produce huge yields.  Indeterminate.

20.   Mortgage Lifter…80 days.  This famous classic maintains its widespread popularity due to its large, meaty, smooth, globe-shaped, rose-pink fruits.  Unusual, mildly sweet flavor.  Similar to Giant Belgium but slightly smaller.  Indeterminate.

21.   Mrs. Maxwell’s Big Italian Heirloom…69 days.  One of the earliest of the beefsteak types, producing one pound, reddish-pink fruits with remarkable flavor.  Equally good fresh, for sauces or canning.  Sturdy, potato-leaf indeterminate plants.

22.   Patio Hybrid FASt…70 days.  A favorite of container Gardeners, who appreciate its compact, 24” plants that produce abundant crops of tasty 3-4 oz., bright red fruits.  Attractive deep-green foliage accents any patio.  Needs at least a 12-inch wide container.  Determinate.

23.   Rutger’s… (Amish Heirloom) 73 days.  Highly productive.  The large red fruits have a thick flesh with superior flavor.  Prized for canning and slicing.  Disease resistant.  Seldom cracks.  Determinate.

24.   San Marzano…80 days.  More rectangular, slightly later, indeterminate version of Roma tomatoes.  Bright red, meaty, 3 ½” fruits with extra-high solids content.  Ideal for canning.

25.   Sugary Hybrid Cherry…60 days.  This AAS Award Winner features the sweetest flavor yet!  Vigorous plants laden with huge clusters of reddish-pink, grape-shaped, 2 oz., slightly pointed fruits that are super sweet and juicy.  Semi-determinate.

26.   Sun Gold Hybrid Cherry…57 days.  The standard of excellence for the sweetest, best-flavored cherry tomato.  Extra early, golden-orange, mouth-watering, super sweet fruits are about ½ to 1” across, thin-skinned, and juicy-sweet.  Indeterminate.

27.   Sun Sugar Hybrid…62 days.  Our sweetest golden cherry.  Attractive, golden-yellow color and its extraordinary sugar-sweet flavor make this one the perfect gourmet cherry tomato!  Thin-skinned, ½ ounce, crack-resistant fruits.  Indeterminate.

28.   Ultimate Opener Hybrid…57 days.  This tomato produces blemish-free fruits about 33% larger than Early Girl with marvelous flavor that’s sweet and juicy.  Strong, vigorous plants are capable of tremendous yields.  Strong disease resistance.  Indeterminate.

29.   Warrior Hybrid…71 days.  Resistant to nearly everything including yellow leaf curl.  Huge 12-14 oz., deep red, slightly ribbed fruits have fabulous flavor and are an ideal slicer.  Determinate.

30.   Wild Boar Series Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye…70 days.  Big Beefsteak fruits, deep wine-red with bright green stripes, weigh 10-12 oz. with a lovely sweet flavor.


“Determinate vs. Indeterminate”

Determinate tomatoes grow to a certain height and then stop, yielding their harvest over a short 4-6 week period.

Indeterminate  types grow and flower throughout the season, producing smaller harvests at any one time, but bearing over a much longer season.


Tomato Plants and Pepper Plants are NON-GMO




1.       Aristotle Bell Peppers…These huge bell peppers start out dark green before ripening fully to red.  Plants stay a fairly compact 20-24” tall while bearing 3-4 lobed fruit that are an enormous 5” tall and 4 ½” wide.  Plants are resistant to 3 races of bacterial leaf spot plus several pepper viruses.  Wonderful in salads, stir fries and ideal for stuffed peppers.

2.       Hybrid Blight Buster Bell Pepper…73 days.  The most disease-resistant variety ever!  Resistant to bacterial leaf spot races 1-5 and phytophtora blight.  Huge fruits ripen green to bright red.

3.       Farmore Jalapeno…1800-2500 on the Scoville Pepper Scale.  (mild hot pepper)

4.       Mammoth  Jalapeno…1000-5000 on the Scoville Pepper Scale. (medium hot pepper)  75 days.  A giant jalapeno, 1” x 4 ½”.  Peppers have a smooth skin and thick flesh, which makes them easier to stuff.  Or, use them in salsa, dips or other recipes as you would normal-sized jalapenos.  Plants are resistant to tobacco mosaic virus and potato virus Y.






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