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Review by Marylou Ernst of “The Life of Plants…Plant Growth”

I hope you enjoy this entertaining and informative book review of…

“The Life of Plants…Plant Growth”

by Louise and Richard Spilsbury

the-life-of-plantsI have always loved playing in the dirt; however, the folly of my ways was in never being properly instructed in the whys and wherefores of plants.  Thus, began a life-long series of gardening mistakes.  So, to spare the next generation from the same fate, may I suggest that we all become gardening mentors and gently guide our little ones on the proper way to walk along life’s garden path.

Here is a great book which I recommend as an aid in doing this:  “The Life of Plants, Plant Growth”.  This is just one book in a series of books encompassing “Plant Classification, Plant Growth, Plant Habitats, and Plant Reproduction”.

I feel this book will fill the needs of a child whose first words are usually, “why, why this, why that”?  This book is the plant version of the “birds and the bees discussion”.  It is such a complete discussion starting with seeds and how inside the seed is an embryo that consists of a tiny root and a shoot and when the time is right, germination begins.  Then water and nutrient needs kick in and then finally end-of-life issues are discussed.

For the adventurous child who enjoys hands-on experimentation, there are four experiments included of some of the plant processes listed in the book.  Also included, is a nice glossary of plant terms.

So, while there are no cute caterpillar pictures with smiley faces, there is an array of real photos of real plants.

This book will get your child started off right on the “facts of plants”.  So, when your child or grandchild begins their relentless questionings, just quietly hand them this book and take your ease in your armchair.

11/16 M.  Ernst

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