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Book Review of “Morning Glories and Moonflowers”

Book Review of “Morning Glories and Moonflowers”

“A Guide to climbing, trailing, and cascading plants” by Anne Halpin copyright 1996

What put me onto this book was my gardening club. You see, they were running a contest and we got extra points for reading gardening books. So off I went to the local library to peruse the selection. My intention was to fulfill this quest with garden books that were not too meaty if you know what I mean.

I scanned the library shelves and my eyes fell upon this one book titled, “Morning Glories and Moonflowers…” I flipped through the pages and thought, “Hmmm, awful lot of words and not too many pictures. Better keep looking.” However, it is about morning glories and moonflowers, two flowers I enjoy growing; and I am on a perpetual mission to be the world’s greatest gardener, so I’d better check it out. With great anticipation, I loaded up my arms and ventured home.

Ok, so here’s the setting: cozy recliner, fuzzy bathrobe, hot tea, paper and pencil. I now commenced with my reading.

What opened up before me was so much more than just morning glories and moonflowers. This book covered everything from actinides (kiwi fruit) to yellow sage. I learned about the different types of vines and the supports they need to grow on. I learned about the architectural use of vines as well as ground covers, pruning, rejuvenating old vines, fertilizing, soil care, adding vines to hanging baskets, etc. I especially liked that it gave me specific combinations of flowers and vines to put in hanging baskets and pots.

Oops. Excuse me while I readjust. My cat just jumped up in my lap. He just can’t resist my fuzzy bathrobe! Where was I? Oh yeah, what I most appreciate about this book is the simple, clear explanations. For example, it doesn’t just mention “hardening off” plants, but tells you exactly how to do that over a two-week period. Also, it tells you the reasons for and the benefits of doing things. Yep, simple, clear explanations. I like that.

If you want to read a win, win book on climbing, trailing and cascading plants…check it out. It’s at your local library.

Book review by M. Ernst 10/16

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