Gardening Partners

of Dickson County

Fall 2016 Gardening Partners Participation Contest

Fall 2016 Gardening Partners Participation Contest

August 9 through November 8

Contest Open to all Full Members in Good Standing

Methods to earn Entry Tickets

One Ticket:

Attend monthly meeting – 4 available

Attend fall class – 9 available

Attend class field trip – 4 available

Attend field class (Dickson Arboretum) – 1 available

Volunteer to clean up after meetings or classes (maximum of 2 volunteers per week – must sign up in advance)

Attend workshop

Volunteer for a workday (2-hour minimum)

Attend committee meeting

Help Center Donations (minimum of 6 food items or 6 clothing/household items per donation – maximum of 4 donations per month)


Two Tickets:

Bring a guest to a monthly meeting

Workshop or Event Participation

Attend organization field trip

Contribute a photo gallery for publication on the website

Chair a committee

Lead a workshop

Attend local area gardening event (2 hour minimum).


Three Tickets:

Contribute an article accepted for publication on the website (includes garden book reviews)


Four Tickets:

Attend UT Extension events (4-hour minimum with travel time included)


Five Tickets:

Register a student for fall classes


Wild Card Tickets:

Wild card entries will be announced throughout the contest (at least one per month)



Members may suggest additional opportunities to earn entries.



Contest open to all full members in good standing. (dues paid/waivers signed/classes completed)

Contest tickets have no cash value.  Contest tickets are not transferable.

Contest tickets cannot be traded, combined, sold or given away.

Print your name on the back of each ticket.  Contest tickets must bear only one member name on the reverse side.

Do not fold tickets.

Members must keep up with their tickets until the drawing. If a member will not be at the drawing, they must make arrangements to turn their tickets in beforehand.

Rules and prizes may be amended or changed at any time.



3 prizes will be awarded.  Only one prize per winner.  There is a 15 ticket minimum to enter to win.  This is a participation event – if at least 300 tickets have not been handed out, the contest will be void.  Winners will choose among the 3 prizes in the order below.


1) Most tickets (drawing if there is more than one person with the same number of tickets).

2) Drawing – only those with 30 or more tickets may enter this category. Non-winning tickets will go into the next category.

3) Drawing of all remaining ticket holders who meet the minimum of 15 tickets.

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