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Greenhouse Renovation in Progress!

Greenhouse Renovation

Thanks to everyone who came out for either or both of the workdays to clean up and renew the workspace in the Gardening Partners Greenhouse.  It is really coming along.  The new bench tops are working well and the new frames look great.  We have more space to work and a cleaner safer area to get it done.  Additional tops will be here soon to complete the job.  We also hope to install a potting table and some storage shelves soon.  And it’s all just in time for the Tomato Team to get started!

Thanks to JT and Bernie for organizing.  Extra special thanks to Linda Sullivan who did the work of 3 people on both days and for bringing Raymond to help with getting rid of junk!  

And of course, our builders Bill Bowker and Tom Powlas who made our new benches and installed the tops!










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