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Bees & Beekeeping with Mitch & Jane Latsch

As usual we started our monthly meeting with a delicious add-a-dish meal.  This month we met new friends Mitch & Jane Latsch and got to know them a bit before their lecture started.  They gave a great presentation and brought us a selection of different honeys to taste from near and far.  Everyone picked a favorite right away….what was yours?

Sampling the Sweets!

Sampling the Sweets!

 Mitch & Jane took turns providing information on bees & beekeeping, showing some beautiful pictures, and showcasing the equipment and supplies they brought.  They shared humorous anecdotes about their chosen lifestyle living in the country and their experiences as beekeepers in a casual and fun lecture style.  The entire meeting was relaxed and enjoyed by all.

Bees go here!

Bees go here!

Mitch answers questions





Basic Equipment





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