Gardening Partners

of Dickson County

2015 Classes

2015 Gardening Class
9 Classes: Tuesdays evenings 6:15pm-8:45pm
5 Saturday Tours

Class Location: Tennessee College of Applied Technology 740 Highway 46 in Dickson, TN
Cost: $50.00 per person

Pre-Registration is open.  Use the form below.

Students completing the class receive a certificate and are eligible to join Gardening Partners. Students paying the $15 annual dues at the end of class become members for the balance of the class year and the following year.

The classes provide instruction on a variety of gardening subjects including: 

Orientation, History of Gardening Partners, Introduction to Gardening, Basic Botany, Botanical Vocabulary, Soils and Composting including Basic Geology of Soils, Seeds & Propagation, Vegetable Gardening, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Design & Construction, Greenhouse Skills, and Small Engines.

Field Trips are tentatively scheduled to visit local arboretums, a Native Plant Nursery, Cheekwood Herb Garden, Montgomery Bell Park and Greenhouse.

Instructors include both well-known professionals and local garden enthusiasts. Planned tours include visits to arboretums, nature trails, and nurseries. Students also visit the Gardening Partners greenhouses and participate in social events hosted by Gardening Partners.  

Former students may attend any classes free of charge.

This class is sponsored by the Dickson Tree Management and Beautification Board and by Gardening Partners of Dickson County. Classes were originally made possible by a grant from the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.

Gardening Partners members from prior classes will assist the new class as part of their service hours.

Fees (Checks or cash only please) are due on the first night of class or checks can be mailed to:  Gardening Partners PO Box 471 Dickson, TN 37056  


   Questions? or to pre-register:  Contact us:


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