Gardening Partners

of Dickson County

Plant Sale 2020


Our sale is concluding for this year.

We will deliver the last few orders tomorrow – April 25.

If you ordered and did not receive a confirmation or schedule a pickup time, please let us know.

email: – call or text 615-375-6675

Many thanks to all our customers. We appreciate you. Thank you for following the rules that keep us all safer. Thank you for all the kind words, encouragement, and blessings, those really meant a lot. 


Gardening Partners Plant Sale 2020

A Modified Sale – Pre-Orders Only

We will not have any plants for sale that have not been Pre-Ordered

Gardening Partners is committed to providing low cost plants to our community during these difficult times. We are working on strategies to provide plants while minimizing risk. Please be patient while we work out the details – we are an all volunteer organization. 

Important Plant Information: Due to limitations on the number of people we can have in the greenhouse, the plants have not been hardened off. You will have to do that at home this year. You can search online for instructions or email us for advice. We have kept the tomatoes and peppers small this year so we can handle them with fewer volunteers. Be aware of last frost dates before planting.

All Shopping for Plants will be done from this list. Use the contact form at the bottom to send your order. We will notify you as soon as possible when we have filled your order. We do not have an inventory program so be aware that the plants you choose may no longer be available. We may also limit quantities per order so that more customers can order tomatoes and peppers.

Q# Tomato  4 inch pots Price
6 Arkansas Traveler    1.00
14 Beefsteak   1.00
25 Better Boy   1.00
53 Bradley   1.00
13 Brandywine   1.00
12 Celebrity   1.00
0 Cherokee Purple   1.00
27 Oxheart   1.00
8 Matt’s Wild Cherry   1.00
30 Mortgage Lifter   1.00
2 Jelly Bean   1.00
22 Rutgers   1.00
30 San Marzano   1.00
10 Sun Sugar   1.00
18 Yellow Pear   1.00

Q# Pepper Type Price
3 California Wonder Bell 4 inch 1.00
0 Sweet Banana 4 inch 1.00
 12 Cayenne 4 inch 1.00

Q# Herb Type Price
0 Genovese Basil 4 inch 1.00
 6 Oregano 4 inch 1.00

Q# Plant Type Price
0 Palace Purple Coral Bells/ Heuchera 2.00


0 Hosta 6 inch pot 2.00
0 Rose campion 6 inch pot 2.00
0 Autumn Joy Sedum 6 inch pot 2.00
0 Evening Primrose ‘Lemon Drop’s 3 inch pot 1.00
0 Texas Autumn Salvia greggii 4 inch pot 2.00
0 Baptisia alba (very small) 4 inch pot 1.00
0 Baptisia blue (very small) 4 inch pot 1.00
Q# Trees/Shrubs Type/Size  Price
6 Ginkgo biloba pot 5.00
0 Witch Hazel pot 3.00
0 Forsythia pot 3.00
0 Hydrangea (unnamed variety) 3.00